Welcome to Move Wherever!


Welcome to the revolution. We’re a moving company that finally meets your needs. We’re flexible. We’re forward thinking. Most of all, we’re ready to work with you.

When choosing a moving company, it can be easy to be a little bit skeptical. Let’s face it – most moving companies suck. They’re often late to both the pick up and the drop off locations. They’re not careful with your things. Finally, most of them don’t know how to do a good packing job.

After spending many years in the business in Richmond and Palo Alto, our company’s founders saw all of the deficiencies that many moving companies had. They started this company with the vision to patch those imperfections to provide a customer  and excellence oriented business.

Move Guarantees

In successfully starting and running a business with a radical vision in mind, we’ve been able to allow our customers to expect certain things from us. We’ve included some of these in a list below. Give them a read to see what great things to look forward to when working with us.

Always on time

We’re committed to making sure that we get to your location on time and also get to your new location on time. Our drivers are diligent and expert navigators who know how to put in long hours on the road. This means that you won’t be waiting at your new abode without the crucial elements for unpacking.

Expert Packing and Moving

Many of our staff have been working as movers for most of their careers. As a result, they know how to pack all of your things in the right way so that they’ll be safe during transportation. This will help you have peace of mind in the whole moving process.

In addition, their experience and knowledge will help you load and unload the truck faster than you ever imagined possible. This will save you both time and resources.

Free Quotes

We’re here to help you figure things out, whether it is logistics for the move or helping you plan your budget for your relocation. We provide fast and free quotes to prospective customers who are interested in Moving Livermore Local Long.

We’re also open to competition and do price matching with other companies. If you find somebody who is willing to do the job for less, let us know and we will either match or beat that price. We want to save you money!


In addition to standard residential moving, we also offer other services to our clients. Please read the list below and see which one might fit your needs. Of course, if you do not see a service that you might think you need, please contact us so that we can see how to help you out.

Commercial/Office Moving

If you’re looking to relocate your store or office, contact Move Wherever to get the ball rolling. We have a specialized staff who will help you get your new store or office up and running in no time.


If you need some extra space while you move, let us know. We’ve got units available right now.