Richmond and the East Bay

When people think of cities in northern California, their minds often gravitate towards San Francisco. While this major metropolis might be the largest in the area, there are plenty of amazing surrounding towns in the Bay Area that are worth your attention.

One notable part of the Bay Area is the eastern side of the bay. This area has developed its own culture and identity that is separate from San Francisco. There are many things to love about the east bay, and one of them is Richmond, California. This little city sits just north of the famed Berkeley. From here, you can climb up to a point and see the entire bay. It’s quite a site.

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One of the great qualities of Richmond is that it has a lot of shoreline frontage in the bay. Since it is a little more out of the way than other parts of the Bay Area, you’ll be able to feel a little bit of seclusion and privacy. These natural shoreline areas will let you bask in the beauty of northern California. If the weather is particularly warm, feel free to jump in! The water might be a tad cold, but it’ll feel good on those uncharacteristically hot days.

Historic Areas

As with other parts of the bay, there are many historic monuments and such in Richmond. You’ll be able to see some of the old Spanish colonial influence in this town. In addition, there are plenty of museums that document some of the history of Richmond as well as California. For example, head on down to the railroad museum to learn all about trains in the Golden State!